Blush Pink Linen Lampshade

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Crafted from beautifully textured stonewashed linen, our blush pink lampshade adds a calming and contemporary vibe to any room in the home. The creamy, pale pink with a slight warm hue takes inspiration from the natural world and the graceful swirl of a morning sunrise or pastel rose. 

The light pink shade pairs beautifully with nude and pastel colours with the textured weave of the natural fibres adding a tactile finish to an interior space. An elegant addition to breathe fresh life into a bedroom or living room and update lamp bases or ceiling lighting.

20cm diameter x 18cm height
25cm diameter x 21cm height
30cm diameter x 21cm height
35cm diameter x 21cm height
40cm diameter x 25cm height

40mm European non-threaded UNO fitter shade ring and removable 29mm UK adaptor

E22 / E14 / E26 / E27

Please note, fabric colour may display differently depending on the screen they are viewed on. Fabric samples available. 

Get in touch if you have any questions about the fitting or require any advice and guidance and we will be happy to help.